Sunday, 3 June 2012

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Starting a pirate radio station

Here is a quick guide on what you need to start a pirate radio station,first you will need a phase locked loop transmitter,don't bother with VCO transmitters as they drift frequency with voltage fluctuations,physical movement and temperature fluctuations,next you will need a antenna with coax cable,the coax cable must 50 ohm type,the antenna can be as simple as a dipole which can be homemade from copper tubing use google for more info,once you have the pll transmitter,antenna and coax all in place next you will need a high place for the setup,most pirates use a microwave link on 10ghz,some use a band 1 wide band transmitter with rx at the main 88-108 tx site,what ever link you use it has to be wide band to get the standard quality,pirates use tower blocks because of the height and the need for power for the transmitter,most microwave links have a short range and are line of sight,because 88-108 band is VHF it's also line of sight which is why you need to get the transmitter above all buildings and looking down on the areas you won't to be heard in,antennas are very important,i said before about using a dipole and you can if you want but it's only a antenna i would recommend as a last resort due to it's gain figure and angle of radiation, one antenna i would recommend is a slim jim,before anyone gets any ideas about starting a pirate radio station from home don't bother because you will get caught and it's not worth the trouble,this is just a quick guide for anyone who didn't know what it was all about.

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